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Tips for Getting a Job as a Games Tester (Part Two)

As video games become increasingly more complex, the need for flawless Functionality QA has become greater than ever. Translating this complexity to a global audience has become vital to an industry expected to expand to a market value of 268.1 billion by 2025.

Author: Dorota Kawalska and Sol Kim
Date Published: 13/09/2023
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In a continuation of our series, Dorota Kowalska, QA Recruiter at Keywords Studios in Katowice, shares some tips on starting a career in FQA testing.

Tip 1: Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

The first step in applying for any job is to prepare, prepare, and then prepare some more. If you are new to the industry, the very first step is to look into exactly what a tester does and decide if testing games is the right fit for you. Being an FQA Tester isn’t exactly ‘getting paid to play games’, so prepare yourself for the reality of being a tester.

It’s important to make sure that you have familiarised yourself with the position you’re applying for. Knowledge of the duties you will take on and the specific skill sets you need will help you stand out from other candidates. Trust us, nothing makes the process smoother than a candidate whose done their research! 

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Tip 2: We Want To Know Everything About You

It’s worth remembering that the recruitment process starts as soon as you apply – even before an interview or any other recruitment step. That’s why you should take good care of your CV, as it reflects who you are and what your skills are. Make sure your resume is structured, clear, and highlights your strengths. Are you proficient in Jira or any other software? Maybe you know how to speak Japanese? Don’t be shy, let us know!

When it comes to an interview, Keywords will ensure you have all the information you need about the position. That said, we also appreciate transparency on your part. Think about your needs for the role and let us know what makes you a good candidate. Remember, you do not need to have previous experience in FQA – we’re be more than happy to train the right candidate.

However, this job is all about games. If you are a gamer yourself and are passionate about a certain game, we’re happy to hear about it! The more your passion for games shines through, the better your chances are of a call back. If there’s a certain skill that you are less confident about, please let us know. As I mentioned above, transparency is key and we are happy to help you in areas that need improvement. 

Tip 3: It’s All In The Details

Being a tester means examining the smallest details. Some of the bugs that we encounter in games are obvious, but some are super easy to miss. Strong attention to detail is key. Either the testing team catches the bug before release, or the users encounter it, potentially harming the player experience, which is why QA is so important to the development process. 

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Tip 4: Not Just The Hard Skills

Testers always work in teams – while the size of the team may vary depending on the project, the effort is always shared. Keywords is made up of unique individuals that bring their own special qualities to our teams, and working with us means being a team player, somebody who can adapt to different situations and is eager to become a member of something bigger. Besides being a fun teammate, soft skills such as communication skills, time management and creative problem-solving are great qualities to have.

We’re also an international company with team members across 26 countries, and not everyone may speak your language here. English is our first language, so be prepared to have English conversations with our recruiters, and, hopefully, many other English chats with your future teammates!  

Tip 5: Love Games

Be ready to join a team of games enthusiasts. If this sounds like you, we’re sure you’ll find yourself at home in no time. Nevertheless, even if you are not a huge fan of games and you haven’t spent hundreds of hours levelling up, no worries! We’re happy to help you discover its wonders! 


Are you interested in an FQA role with Keywords Studios? Find open positions on the Keywords Studios website.