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Staff Spotlight: Meet Mayur Sindhwani, QA Lead for FQA at Keywords Studios in Poland

Author: OGoodwin
Date Published: 21/06/2022

We sat down with Mayur Sindhwani at Keywords in Poland to discuss his role as a QA Lead in Functionality QA, his thoughts on the future of the gaming industry and day-to-day life at Keywords Studios.

Tell us about your role as an FQA Lead.

Most of my time involves front-line support for my team, this requires a lot of leadership skills. I’d say I spend around 25% of my time syncing with colleagues on updates for ongoing client projects.

I’m fortunate to have multiple projects to work on. This helps me feel constantly challenged and motivated to work. I feel like I have a great balance between collaborating and working independently. The rest of my time goes to meetings, reports, and gathering metrics.

Why is QA important in the video games development lifecycle?

To ensure that all players around the world get a realistic and immersive user experience with their favourite games, it is necessary to have the title tested across each phase of development. This way, any problem that may arise can be identified and fixed long before it goes to market and reaches the user.

What inspired you to become a QA in the video games industry?

I've always wanted to go for some kind of testing related work, but couldn’t figure out what until I came to Poland. Having a lot of passion to play games on top of finding out that a large section of the gaming industry operates from Poland was a win-win.

It didn’t take long for me to find a vacancy for a QA Game Tester and slowly, year by year, I've been climbing the ladder with new roles and responsibilities. My wife believed in me from the beginning and kept pushing me to face new situations and learn more. This has kept me on my toes throughout my time at work and yes, she still inspires me to be the best.

What are your top 5 video games of all time? 

  • League of Legends
  • Counter- Strike: Condition Zero
  • F1 2021
  • I.G.I.-2: Covert Strike
  • Super Mario

Which "Keywords Rule of 9" resonates with you the most? 

Empowerment - This resonates with me the most and rings true to me every day. I believe in group performance, where everyone feels empowered to grow and improve to deliver the best results with the highest efficiency.

“I am proud of the inclusive environment we have here at Keywords, where diversity is always welcomed and appreciated.”

What are you most proud of working as a QA at Keywords Studios?

Keywords sets an environment where employees want to be pushed and challenged in the workspace so they can learn, grow, and evolve. The work we do impacts more than a hundred million players’ experiences in the gaming world and it’s fascinating to see how our objective of building for such an audience breaks down on an individual level.

I also want to mention all the amazing people I work with on a daily basis. My colleagues are a crucial part of the work that I do and I’m proud to be working with every one of them. Lastly, I am very much proud of the inclusive environment we have here at Keywords, where diversity is always welcomed and appreciated.

What do you see evolving in the future of video games and QA testing?

The video games industry is one of the fastest evolving industries in the world right now. A few areas that might drive this evolution in the future include technical innovation, merchandising as well as market demographics as more and more people are playing games.

Testing plays a crucial part in the games industry and I believe artificial intelligence, automation and continuous testing will play a vital role in the next few years.

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