Time and time again, we’ve discovered General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) failures in mobile game apps, despite games companies working through GDPR in great detail and believing that they are compliant with global privacy laws.

These failures, which can include Software Developer Kits (SDKs) and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), and possible data breaches, have the potential to disclose personal information and player metrics that might identify a player without their consent

They are embedded in the app’s code and may be missed unless a thorough detection process has been conducted. These types of issues and misalignments can also create serious problems for organisations.

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Greater awareness of data management can help video game developers and publishers reduce the likelihood of breach and loss by ensuring that the right cyber-security measures are in place.

This, in turn, can engender greater trust between studios and their players.

At Keywords Studios, we understand that GDPR alignment is an imperative in the video games industry.

Greater understanding of data management and protection regulations and their implications can help video game developers and publishers reduce the likelihood of data breaches.

Keywords Studios offers a wide range of data management and protection services and tools, adapted to both game creators and business leaders, to help ensure compliance with the new global privacy requirements and regulations.

These tools, services and online GDPR training courses are offered through Ventures and alliance partnerships with AppSecTest and The Trust Bridge™. Both organisations help promote an understanding of GDPR, the related structure, as well as test rules and requirements.

Our GDPR Compliance Services can help ensure that your organisation and games are aligned with data privacy regulations. They are delivered by a multi-skilled team with global experience and include:

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