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Pocket Gamer London 2023: Meet the Team

Date Published: 19/01/2023

We are delighted to be exhibiting at Pocket Gamer London 2023 across January 23rd and 24th. Before the big event, we’d like to introduce members of the wider Keywords family who will be in attendance to discuss our service offerings as well as your business goals and requirements. We can’t wait to meet you there!

Ed Jamieson - Vice President of Global Sales at Helpshift

Ed has 14 years’ experience leading sales organisations in the CX and EdTech space.  He knows one thing for sure - sustainable sales performance is only as good as the value you provide your customers. Collectively, Helpshift offers the technology and people to provide best in class player support with direct impact to player retention, CSAT and ROI.

Meet with Ed at Pocket Gamer to discuss:

  • Evaluation of your current player support strategy and how it supports or detracts from game success
  • How automation can support both your CSAT and ROI
  • Effective Trust & Safety and localisation strategies to support your game

Visit Ed at our Pocket Gamer booth or connect with him on LinkedIn.

Samantha Pang – Vice President of Customer Success and Growth at Helpshift

Samantha is fluent in English, Japanese, Cantonese and Mandarin. Between her love for languages and travel, she is particularly well-suited to leading a team that supports over 450 customers globally. Samantha is excited about ensuring clients aren’t just “happy” but have everything they need to fully realize long-term ROI. Before Helpshift, she spent six years at DeNA mastering the player experience and collecting a wealth of knowledge.

Get in touch with Samantha to discuss:

  • Increasing support efficiency with AI & automation
  • Maximising ROI with the right support set up
  • Designing the best support user journey for players

Visit Samantha at our Pocket Gamer booth or contact her on LinkedIn.

Peter Gerson – Senior Manager CX Solutions at Keywords

Peter leads the solutions team and is passionate about helping build great player experiences, championing people, projects and technology to put players first. He works closely with his expert team to craft bespoke player support, community/social media management and trust & safety programs, helping our clients implement and manage their tools, platforms and people to deliver great player support.

Meet with Peter at the event to discuss topics such as:

  • Leveraging A.I. with CRM and Bots
  • VIP or Tiered support for Paying Players
  • Machine Translation Platform and Services
  • Workflow and Workforce Management consulting and Gap analysis

Visit Peter at our Pocket Gamer booth or connect with him on LinkedIn.

Dominick Kelly - Technology and Sales Director at Keywords Studios

Dominick Kelly is Technology and Sales Director at Keywords and is responsible for KantanAI, a world leading machine translation engine platform. With over 20 years’ experience in the localisation technology space, he has led the delivery of integrated TMS systems, automated workflows, and embedded large scale custom Neural MT technologies.

Get in touch with Dominick at Pocket Gamer to discuss:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Language technology
  • Breaking down old limitations and generalizations

Visit Dominick at our Pocket Gamer booth or connect with him on LinkedIn.

Eric Vermillion - CEO at Helpshift

Eric spends his days driving strategy and growth plans, developing high-performance teams, and producing oversized results globally. Before Helpshift, he was instrumental in advancing BlueCat to one of Canada’s most notable software exits. When he’s not leading business transformation, Eric is traveling with his wife and two daughters.

Contact Eric at the event to discuss topics such as:

  • Best practices for player engagement
  • Increasing your retention rate
  • How player support strategies translate to ROI

Visit Eric at our Pocket Gamer booth or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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