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How to Support Multi-Language Communities

For video games to be commercially successful in today’s competitive climate, they need to offer engaging experiences to a global audience and not only to players in the developer or publisher’s local markets.

Despite this, many online communities and official social media accounts are provided only in English. Or, at best, non-English speaking players might receive a translated version of the English social feeds but, crucially, lacking the cultural and local context required to deliver a truly native experience.

Captive, active and engaged online communities are what lead to like-minded gamers discovering new releases. That’s why developing and sustaining them is critical.

At Keywords Player Support, we manage multilingual communities for some of the biggest publishers and developers in the world, helping to keep players feel connected to game makers and fellow players.

Our digital talk on 'How to Support Multi-Language Communities' provides insightful takeaways on how to develop captive, active and engaged online communities and how to provide the best immersive experience for gamers.

About the speakers

Peter Gerson & James GallagherPeter Gerson & James Gallagher

Peter Gerson is a customer-focused solutions crafter, always working to better understand how to improve customer support and community management. His expertise includes solutions design, project design and management, data analysis and interpretation, and the implementation of customer support tools and processes. Peter is well known as driven, resourceful individual who maintains a positive, proactive attitude and wants to help.

James Gallagher takes care of Keywords Player Support's Community Management Services. He has been a community manager in gaming for more than 12 years, including spells at PlayStation and Rockstar Games. He enjoys working with clients and his team of community managers to come up with creative ways to support gaming communities.


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