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At Keywords, we place the support of our local communities, including our employees, at the heart of what we do.

In order to do more to support good causes across our communities, we have set aside an annual central fund under the Keywords Cares initiative which can be applied to match funds raised by our local teams.

Keywords Cares

Throughout 2022, Keywords Colleagues, with the support of Keywords Cares, raised funds of over €45.6k and supported numerous initiatives, ranging from local charities, educational initiatives, and community outreach programmes.

In 2022, 38 charitable and community activities took place across 21 studios. Keywords Cares has also extended its matching programme to include Keywords Cares Plus that allows for a more rapid support process in the event of a natural disaster or humanitarian crisis.

We have continued to extend the use of our hardship fund set up during COVID-19 to support those experiencing more acute financial issues. The majority of the funding in 2022 went to those affected by the Ukraine crisis and staff who were experiencing specific family-related financial issues.

We were also pleased to participate in our first global event – Movember – which is dedicated to making a difference in mental health and suicide prevention – and became our highest group fundraising event to date. From rowing in London, running in Mexico City or growing moustaches around the world, 51 Keywords Colleagues participated in Movember fundraising this year, with countless others supporting by donation to the cause.

Accessibility at Keywords

Descriptive Video Works

Descriptive Video Works (DVW) have specialised in audio description for TV, movies, advertisements, PSAs, video games and educational videos for more than 20 years. With guidance from an advisory council of blind professionals and passionate AD consumers, DVW have set the highest standards in the audio description industry and continue to help shape the best practices used around the world.

Player Research

Inclusivity is at the core of Player Research, where accessibility means deliberately designing games to include disabled players. Wherever you’re at in your accessible games development and design journey, Advancing Accessibility at Player Research helps you create inclusive player experiences – bringing your vision of gaming to diverse player communities.

Lakshya India

Lakshya India conducted an Eye Camp at Red Rose Public School, Gijhore, and Bhawani Shankar Inter college, and simultaneously conducted a Women's Health and Hygiene camp at a slum area in sector 78, Noida. They partnered with the NGO, Smile India Trust, to create the initiative as part of their CSR commitment to local communities.


Lakshya Keywords Studios group sitting around laughing

Electric Square

Electric Square chose Special Effect as their charity of the year, who enable physically disabled people to use technology to improve their quality of life. Throughout the year, the team held charity quizzes, board nights and sold merch, all to benefit this worthy organisation.  

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Snowed In

Snowed In holds a community month each year and this year their focus was on Operation Come Home! OCH is an organisation that supports Ottawa’s houseless youth. Donations go towards their drop-in programme, educational support, substance use assistance, housing support, food bank, and more.

Snowed in Studios group photo

Climax Studios

Climax Studios held a Game Jam to support the mental health charity, Mind. Participants were challenged to design, craft, and code a game in 48 hours. All funds raised during this virtual Jam went towards improving awareness for mental health issues, advice call lines and resources, and supporting community projects.

Climax Studios taken from above on a 360 camera

Keywords Studios in India

Our teams in India teamed up with ‘A Giggles Welfare Organization’ and distributed blankets to underprivileged families in and around Delhi and to children at the Don Bosco Ashalayam orphanage.

Row of people working at computers

Keywords Studios in Italy

Keywords Studios in Italy organised a 24-hour Game Marathon in support of Emergency, who offer free treatment to victims of war, landmines and poverty. The team felt they had the opportunity to do this by using our greatest passion, video games.

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