The global video games industry is constantly changing, with recent shifts from traditional AAA boxed titles towards a “game as a service” continuous support model.

As this trend continues to become the norm, developers and publishers face new, associated challenges.

Our Audio Localization team is extremely careful in preserving and delivering the same unique feel of their original product for each target language and culture, ensuring consistent immersive experiences for players – in a timely and cost-effective manner.

In addition, a successful outcome requires highly skilled and dedicated levels of support, combining the latest technologies in recording booth facilities and software performances with the artistic flavour of some of the world’s most experienced audio voice talents and dubbing directors.

Achieving this result while managing simultaneous multi-language releases, downloadable content, soft launches and daily updates, calls for a wide level of flexibility within an efficiently structured global production pipeline – which is the turn-key solution provided by our Audio Localization services.

Using our global platform, our clients rely on a highly integrated Audio Localization solution powered by a range of premium local studios with an unparalleled catalogue of blockbuster titles in their portfolio.

Each of these studios possess a prominent Audio Localization background and has been a leader in its respective territory, supporting one of the most trusted and experienced platforms available for the video games and multi-media industries.

Keywords Studios Audio Localization services can offer you the following:

  • A fully integrated, multi-language audio solution
  • A network of fully owned and partner recording studios, covering 40+ languages
  • Centralised pre and post-production support
  • A highly qualified central project management with direct coordination of local teams
  • Asset Management: support in the secure handling of your complex source files
  • Safeguard for the best IP knowledge of each major franchise
  • Bespoke IP software and tools to gain efficiency throughout the production pipeline


Content is recorded at our state-of-the-art studios in London, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Mexico City, São Paolo, Paris, Hamburg, Milan and Madrid, across 40 proprietary recording booths and a robust setup of external studios to suit any scaling needs.

Our knowledge of local markets – from actors’ communities and talent management to approach to voice direction, casting, voice range and acting style – can help ensure that your games meet the standards required for truly immersive experiences for your players.

The set of services provided include the following key steps to achieve quality output:

  • Audio Project Management
  • Voice Talent Casting (live & database casting)
  • Audio Script Adaptation
  • Audio and Video Assets Pre-check and Reconciliation
  • In-Territory Audio Recordings
  • Sound Engineering
  • Audio Editing
  • Audio Post-Production and EFX
  • Audio and Video Mixing
  • Audio QA


Our Audio Localization services not only complement our Audio Development and Media & Entertainment services, but also align with our Localization and Localization QA services, allowing you to take advantage of the synergies and efficiencies offered by our global platform.

Contact us now to find our more information about how Audio Localization services from Keywords Studios can work for you and your game.

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