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Trust & Safety

Ensuring your game provides an environment where players feel welcome, secure and protected.

Keywords' Trust & Safety services bring our sector-leading experience, reach and technical capabilities to bear on guaranteeing that your game has these elements built-in from the beginning.

Issues of trust and safety can no longer be left to the last moment: they are now key to reputational integrity and audience-retention, with developers in the spotlight more than ever before and players increasingly unwilling to tolerate toxic environments. 

They are also a serious ethical responsibility, with mechanisms for escalating virtual complaints and threats to real-world responders now a regrettable necessity. At Keywords, we know precisely what structures and processes are necessary and can lay the groundwork for them ahead of time, strategising from the beginning so that the trust of your audience is never at risk.

Keywords has in-depth knowledge and experience of all issues involved, and our localized global presence means not only rapid response-times but guaranteed compliance with region-specific legislation around issues including privacy and data-use. Avoid painful firefighting post-launch: let Keywords work with you from the early stages to ensure your game provides a safe and non-toxic environment for the players who love it.

Why Trust & Safety is so important

Gamers today are increasingly unwilling to compromise on the safety of their playing environments, and will no longer tolerate harassment, bullying, hate speech or cheating. As the video game market continues to expand and diversify, it is more important than ever for game developers to curate safe, healthy, and positive experiences for their players.

By protecting your community from abusive elements you will retain more players, protect your brand reputation, and comply with global content regulations including GDPR and Germany's NetzDG.

It's clear that content moderation is essential in today's gaming environment. Let Keywords help you deliver it to industry-leading standards.

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Full-Service Moderation

Keywords Studios offers a full range of Trust & Safety services for platforms at every stage of development. In addition to our end-to-end offering, we can also help with strategy development, technology management and support.

Our team of Trust & Safety experts brings years of experience at Disney, Two Hat and Microsoft. Our deep expertise in developing and implementing moderation strategies makes us uniquely qualified to help create a safe and healthy environment for your players. 

We believe that automated moderation technology has a crucial role to play in helping moderators, providing a first line of defence against harmful content, and our partnerships with a number of companies using AI to offer powerful moderation solutions mean you will always have access to the right technology for your platform.

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The Power of Partnership: Our Clients

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