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Graphic of various people and symbols coming out of a laptop
Graphic of various people and symbols coming out of a laptop
Graphic of various people and symbols coming out of a laptop

KantanStream for Big Tech in Video Games

The design and implementation of a fully automated solution to manage continuous localization for the games service line of a large technology company.

The Challenge

A big tech company had successfully introduced DTT (Direct-To-Translator) workflows for all contents and domains, except for video games. The challenges posed by the video games domain in terms of content types, game varieties, and lower availability of specialised translators complicated the implementation of a DTT setup and an alternative approach was required.  

To help address this, the company sought a supplier that could provide a fully automated DTT solution. It was critical that the solution could handle thousands of translation jobs every day with fast turn-around times (48 hours on average) and high throughput (up to 10,000 words delivered per language per day). 

KantanStream is a crowd-based and cloud-based translation tool, effective for customer support workflows. This opportunity allowed KantanStream to evolve into a complete translation management tool, capable of performing at scale while satisfying the needs of the client and related stakeholders (Keywords Production Team and the translator community). 

In May 2022, the solution was collaboratively developed, rolled out into production and was finessed in subsequent months with further feature development and deployment. Optimisation of the overall solution was reached following a stabilisation phase, a six month period of continuous development and improvement of the KantanStream platform. 

Key Deliverables

Key deliverables within the project for the client included the design and implementation of a fully automated solution to support automated tasks as follows: 

  • Intake of translation jobs from the client
  • Dispatch of jobs to selected communities of translators and reviewers
  • Delivery of completed translation jobs back to the client

Development of the KantanStream platform and its user interface to fully support the client required solution, focusing on the following key areas: 

  • Project management dashboard and tools
  • Community management features
  • Translator editing interface
  • Integration of KantanStream with other tools/platforms used internally in production workflowsBPS, memoQ and PowerBI

The Solution

Keywords developed and delivered a fully automated solution that largely consisted of:  

  • The implementation of an automated workflow to ingest the client’s translation files, dispatch them to the translator community (DTT workflow) and return them to the client (DTC workflow).
  • Development and implementation of a custom internal workflow that would handle the huge variety of gaming content sent by the client, and correctly route it to selected communities of translators.
  • Development and implementation of a set of API connectors between the KantanStream platform and a range of internal and external applications and services.


The KantanAI team designed and implemented a solution that could satisfy the client’s needs of supplying full automation for a continuous localization workflow. It also provided support to a small team of project managers, helping them to manage a community of more than 500 translators while delivering more than 2,000 translation jobs in one day. 

The effective communication and collaboration between the KantanAI Development Team, the Production Team at Keywords Studios, and the client delivered a successful solution, fully achieving the client’s goal of a free-flow localization process. 

The Power of Partnership: Our Clients

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