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Senior project manager (game art)
Asia Pacific
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Senior project manager (game art)




Keywords China 提供专业和有趣的环境可以激发个人发展及激发员工忠诚度。你将与才华横溢,充满动力,富有创造力的人合作,共同创造最史诗般的体验;Keywords China专注招聘和留住最优秀和最聪明的人才,营造一个充满创意和友爱的环境。

Company Profile:

Keywords Studios is an international service provider in the global video games industry with studios in Madrid, Dublin, London, Barcelona, Milan, Tokyo, Singapore, Shanghai, New Delhi, Pune, Montreal, Seattle, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Portland, Raleigh, Orlando, and Rio de Janeiro (among others!). With over 9,000 employees passionate about games around the world, we provide a range of translation, testing, audio, customer care, engineering and art production services to Video Game Developers and Publishers alike.

Keywords Studios China provides a professional yet fun environment that stimulates personal individual growth, inspiring loyalty among employees. You will work with talented, driven, and creative people--and create the most epic experiences together. Keywords Studios China is focused on hiring and retaining the best and brightest, fostering an environment of creativity and camaraderie.



  • 负责游戏美术项目的管理工作,包含需求梳理,项目文档翻译,计划制定,进度跟踪,反馈及交付跟踪,以及和美术总监验收项目效果等全流程工作,确保项目有序合理推进

Responsible for the management of game art projects, including requirements sorting, translation of project documents, planning, progress tracking, feedback and delivery tracking, and acceptance of project results with the art director, to ensure that the project progresses in an orderly and reasonable manner

  • 协助部门负责人做好团队管理工作,并做好相关业务的开发规划,流程优化,进度管理和项目汇报等工作,确保团队高效协作

Assist supervisors in team management, including but not limited to business development planning, process optimization, schedule management and project reporting, to ensure efficient teamwork

  • 负责整合内外部资源,规划和协调美术制作计划和人力安排,保证项目如期,高质量交付

Responsible for integrating internal and external resources, planning and coordinating art production plans and manpower arrangements to ensure that projects are delivered on time and with high quality

  • 有效解决项目开发过程中遇到的各种问题, 预警潜在的项目或人员方面的风险并及时与合作客户沟通反馈,维护良好的合作关系

Effectively solve all kinds of problems encountered in the project development process, foresee potential project or personnel risks and communicate with clients in a timely manner to maintain a good cooperative relationship

  • 协助美术团队及项目总监管理其他相关事宜

Assist art team and project director to manage other related matters


  • Flexible working hours — start your workday anytime between 9:00 and 10:00 AM.


  • Psychological care — free mental health support


Relocation support


  • Relocation package – flight ticket, hotel accommodation for your first month, processing your legalization operations for you, assistance with finding residence, helping out with translations if needed


  • Chinese lessons for foreign employees


  • Paid leave - 10 days of paid leave for every member per year (not including Chinese public holidays), as well as paid maternity and paternity leave.


Experience & Requirements


  • 本科以上学历,有两年及以上游戏项目管理经验,或相关行业项目管理经验

Bachelor’s degree or above, 2+ years of game project management experience, or related industry project management experience

  • 熟悉游戏美术工作流程,有外包行业工作经验或熟悉外包行业优先考虑

Familiar with the game art workflow, with outsourcing industry work experience or familiar with the outsourcing industry is preferred

  • 优秀的英语使用能力(书面写作和口语表达)

Strong written and oral English skills

  • 优秀的自驱力,强目标和结果导向,积极主动,认真负责

Excellent self-driven, strong goal and result oriented, proactive, conscientious, and responsible

  • 优秀的沟通的能力,组织协调能力,管理能力,有一定的抗压能力

Excellent communication, organizational and coordination skills, able to work under pressure

  • 热爱游戏,资深游戏玩家或有PMP证书加分

Passion for games, senior game player or PMP certificate is a plus


  • 有培训新人和团队的经验

Experience coaching and training individuals and teams

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