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Senior Technical Artist

Senior Technical Artist


We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced Senior Technical Artist to join our company. As a Senior Technical Artist, you will be responsible for providing technical leadership to our growing team of TAs, solving complex technical problems, overseeing the technical aspects of our projects, and ensuring that our client’s quality standards are met.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Work closely with both the production team and clients to understand project requirements and develop technical strategies to meet project goals
  • 与制作团队和客户进行密切合作,理解项目需求并制定技术策略以实现项目目标
  • Develop and maintain efficient production pipelines and workflows for character art, character animation, prop creation, and environment creation
  • 为3D角色、3D动画、道具及环境等艺术项目建立并维持高效的制作标准及流程
  • Develop custom tools, plugins, and scripts to improve the efficiency of the art production pipeline
  • 为提升优化美术生产的效率及流程,开发定制工具、插件和脚本
  • Provide technical direction and support to artists and animators to ensure that projects meet quality standards and are completed on time
  • 为模型师、动画师等提供技术指导和支持,以保证项目质量达标,按时完成交付
  • Write documentation on technical art creation processes and guide artists on best practices
  • 编写TA相关的文件,并为艺术家指导最佳方案
  • Conduct research and development to identify and implement new tools and techniques that can improve production efficiency and quality
  • 开展调研研究,鉴别并使用新的工具和技术来帮助提升生产效率和质量
  • Collaborate with other TAs and IT personnel to ensure smooth integration of software and hardware systems
  • 与其他TA和IT人员合作,确保软件与硬件系统的顺利整合
  • Manage technical aspects of projects, including identifying and mitigating potential technical risks and issues
  • 管理项目中技术方面的问题,包括但不限于,识别并减少潜在的技术风险与问题
  • Mentor and train TAs, developing their skills and helping to build a strong technical team
  • 指导并培训TA团队,提升团队人员的技能,共同建立一个强大的技术团队
  • Participate in project planning and estimation processes
  • 参与项目计划/估时等过程


Social Insurance and Housing Fund, Annual Leave, thirteenth salary, Medical Check-up, Free shuttle, EAP Program



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Experience & Requirements

  • At least 20 years of experience in the game, animation, or VFX industry, with at least 10 years’ experience in games, fulfilling a technical role
  • 在游戏、动画或VFX领域有20年+的工作经验,其中10年+的游戏方向技术经验
  • Proficiency in one or more programming languages, ideally Python
  • 熟练掌握一种或多种编程语言,掌握Python加分
  • Strong knowledge of Windows, such as the command line, batch scripting & general troubleshooting. Familiarity with how drivers, networking, the registry, and services work
  • 具有丰富的Windows知识,如命令行、批处理脚本和常规故障排除。熟悉驱动、网络、注册表和服务的工作方式
  • Strong knowledge of industry-standard software and tools, such as Blender, Maya, Houdini, ZBrush, Photoshop, Substance Designer/Painter, and Unity/Unreal Engine
  • 精通行业标准的软件与工具,包括但不限于 Blender、Maya、Houdini、ZBrush、Photoshop、Substance Designer/Painter以及Unity/Unreal 引擎
  • Experience with art production pipelines and workflows for game development
  • 制定游戏相关美术流程及步骤的经验
  • Experience with version control systems, such as P4, Git, or SVN
  • 有版本控制系统的经验,如P4、Git或SVN
  • Experience with multiple game genres and platforms
  • 具备多种游戏类型和平台的经验
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and ability to find creative solutions to technical challenges
  • 具有优秀的问题解决能力,能够找到创造性的解决方案来应对技术挑战
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to work effectively in a team environment
  • 具有较强的沟通和协作能力,能够在团队环境中高效工作
  • Fluent in English
  • 英语流利
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