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How to partner for QA success on next-gen consoles

For almost 13 years, independent video games developer Bloober Team has created sophisticated, character-driven titles with unique worlds, designed for the most demanding of players.

As it continues to innovate with IPs that push the boundaries for scenery, gameplay mechanics and unique stories, Bloober now partners with Keywords Functionality QA in Katowice, Poland to help ensure optimal and immersive end-user experience.

During our talk, you will hear from Wiktor Marek, Quality Assurance (QA) Lead at Bloober Team and Krzysztof Fudro, Technical Project Manager at Keywords Studios, on how this collaboration developed.

About the speakers

Krzysztof Fudro and Wiktor MarekKrzysztof Fudro & Wiktor Marek

Wiktor Marek is QA Lead in a Bloober Team with a team leading and board gaming background. After joining Bloober Team in May 2020, he had the opportunity to work with most of the company’s IPs, including The Medium, Blair Witch, Observer and Layers of Fear on a variety platforms (PC, VR, PS5, Xbox Series X/S and Switch).

With experience in FQA and CQA, he aims for good team organisation and constant learning which are the keys to achieving the highest quality. As an avid gamer himself, he plays on almost every current generation console (and beyond, as he’s also leading armies in more traditional battle games and DMing a campaign in D&D) and loves a good narration as much as well designed mechanics.

Krzysztof Fudro is Technical Project Manager at Keywords Studios in Katowice. He and his team work with clients to achieve the highest testing efficiency possible. Prior to Keywords, Krzysztof worked at In-House Studio as a game designer and QA tester.

That experience allows him to predict what each client needs the most, sometimes even before the client realises it. Krzysztof’s addiction to efficiency, combined with an interest in automation, pushes him further to improve and optimise processes.