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Getting Change Under Control: CMS in Game Localization

Anyone who has managed a localization project knows that successfully tracking updates and changes can make the difference between a positive outcome or anxiety-ridden final stages of production.

Localization for video games can be volatile and traditional tracking methods no longer suffice; that is why using a game-specific content management system (CMS) is becoming the standard.

During our talk, you will hear from our localization experts Dominick Kelly, Technology and Sales Director at XLOC, a Keywords studio, and Rebecca Guttentag, Localization Project Manager at Keywords Studios, along with Guest speakers Miguel Corti from Capcom and Kassi O'Connor from Glu. Each will share key insights and tips for leveraging CMS to make your projects more efficient.

About the speakers

Clockwise from top left: Dominick Kelly, Rebecca Guttentag, Miguel Corti and Kassi O'Connor

Dominick Kelly is Director at XLOC, part of Keywords Studios. He is responsible for the KantanMT, AI, Skynet, XLOC client solutions and technology direction. After 17 years in the localization technology space, he still gets excited about the new innovations and unique solutions that fellow L10n professionals are driving around the world. “If there are two things I love, it’s making people think 'why not' and 'hell yeah'."

Working at STAR Group, RWS, XTM and Keywords Studios, Dominick has evolved into a mix of engineer and technology consultant. This unique blend means it easier to grasp the best path or the right solution. 

Rebecca Guttentag is a Japanese-English bilingual localization project manager and gaming enthusiast. She previously lived in Japan where she taught English, translated and occasionally interpreted through the JET Program before returning to the US to pursue a master’s degree in Translation & Localization Management at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies. She started with Keywords' Los Angeles studio in August of 2020 before being welcomed into the larger Montreal team this past January.

Kassi O'Connor began her career in gaming more than 12 years ago. Since then, she's worked on more than 100 titles, been a producer and expanded Glu Mobile's outsourcing and localization department to 11 studios worldwide. As Outside Services Director, she currently runs all outside services for Glu Mobile, including external development, localization and independent contractors. She enjoys working with external teams so they are empowered to take ownership of the game they are working on. Kassi has presented at numerous international conferences.

Miguel Corti has worked in the games industry for almost 15 years. He started out translating Japanese titles into English with Capcom before taking on the responsibility of localizing each title into all target languages. He's currently the Senior Manager of Global Production, Capcom's own internal team charged with localizing its titles for the markets outside of Japan.