Responsible for maintaining ever-growing test suites, executing ad-hoc testing on new areas that haven’t yet been documented, and helping to improve the quality and accuracy of the output of the QA org by reviewing bugs produced by peers and Testers and providing feedback. Test cases are maintained by editing existing test cases, adding new cases to defined areas, and sending feedback to other test case creators.

Responsibilities include:

  • Test case maintenance
    • Add cases to an existing/established area
    • edit existing cases for accuracy
  • Review of bug reports from other team members
  • Targeted ad-hoc of undocumented areas
  • Test case execution
  • Software and hardware bug investigation and reporting
  • Bug fix verification


  • Ability to review logs to derive root-cause of bugs
  • Ability to develop test cases and test plans
  • Competency with command line tools
  • Experience with commonly used bug-tracking software such as Jira, Bugzilla, Mantis, etc.
  • Strong deductive reasoning
  • Clear, accurate and succinct communication
  • Understanding of the software development process


  • Associate’s degree OR 3 years of experience in a QA or related role.
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