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As a Environment Artist at RedhotCG a Keywords Studios, you will be responsible for creating outstanding 3D Environment props for some of the best known game titles.

Model, UV Map and Texture environment, environment assets and creatures for games that span different genres and platforms.


Work location : Shanghai


  1. Experience about 3D design
  2. College above in Arts or Design major including Animation, Game Art,Industrial design or textile design, etc
  3. Good command of one of the 3D software usage such as 3D Studio Max, Maya
  4. Passionate and motivated to join Game Industry
  5. Please attach your CV and works

  1. 具备3D美术设计经验
  2. 大专及以上学历,艺术类相关院校或专业(包括动画,影视动画,数字媒体艺术,游戏美术,工业设计,国画,油画,雕塑,版画,建筑设计,纺织/时装设计等)
  3. 熟练掌握以下至少一种3D软件 (3D Studio Max, Maya等)
  4. 深入了解游戏,并且热衷于游戏制作
  5. 申请该职位时,请发送简历和相关美术作品
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