Do you play video games? Are you interested in being part of a team that will work on all types of games and test them before they are released? Do you pay attention to small details? At Keywords Studios Italy we strive to deliver our clients with content that feels true to the gamers, wherever they may be. We test all game platforms, so join in on the fun and be a part of the Keywords team!

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The Localization QA Tester (based in our Milan Office) will analyze the in-game texts to validate grammar, syntax, spelling and proper location on a variety of different platforms to ensure compliance with all console and handheld manufacturers localized official terminologies. In addition, he/she will also review and perform exhaustive language tests to ensure text and audio respect the cultural aspects of a game’s local edition, remains in context and is consistent throughout.

The Localization QA Tester is responsible for testing, identifying, recording and suggesting fixes to potential bugs in video and computer games relating to language, implementation, user interface and compliance issues.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Verify linguistic accuracy of in-game text and check for typographical, grammatical and punctuation errors
  • File review/Correcting files:
  • Attend meetings with testing team, team lead and other interested parties, on a regular basis.
  • Provide daily status reports about the status of the project testing.
  • Verify cosmetic integrity of in-game text and ensure that all text is correctly displayed.
  • Verify the contextual consistency of in-game text.
  • Assess cultural appropriateness and check politically sensitive content.
  • Verify the correct implementation of the localized text.
  • Ensure that the correct approved terminology is used throughout the game.
  • Verify the correct functionality, within the localized version of the game.
  • Verify testing results across all languages in test.
  • Maintain high level of focus throughout the project.
  • Identify, isolate, and document bugs clearly and concisely in a bug database.
  • Run test-cases and checklists.
  • Follow the documented processes at all stages of the testing process.
  • Verify that bugs have been fixed and implemented correctly.
  • Occasionally provide in-house translations.
  • Communicate through the appropriate channels.
  • Support lead by taking ownership of side tasks, such as daily report, bug vetting, coaching of new team members.


  • Excellent spelling and grammar in own mother tongue.
  • Outstanding attention to detail.
  • Must be motivated and able to remain focused until project completion.
  • Reliable and punctual.
  • Excellent written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills.
  • The ability to write accurate, unambiguous and concise documentation in English and your native language.
  • Good PC knowledge and proficient knowledge of MS Office products is essential.
  • Must be a team worker.
  • Experience of Software Localization as a QA Tester is a definite advantage.
  • University Degree, equivalent qualification and/or relevant experience in related field an advantage.
  • Competent games player.
  • Flexible towards responsibilities and working hours.
  • Ability to cope under pressure and to work to tight deadlines.
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