*PLEASE READ BEFORE APPLYING* This position is for freelance translators worldwide

Combine the passion for games with your translation skill, a better gaming experience will be possible through your effort!!

We are calling for potential linguist to join our translators’ pool from and into Japanese.

Our range of projects include collaboration with various well-known gaming publishers, in and outside Japan. Projects length might vary and be flexible according to your availability.

As this is a freelance position, the job can be done from your home, no matter where it is.

This year the Recruitment team will be at Tokyo Game Show and we are going to offer a business pass to a small number of applicant who meet our requirements and who is willing to collaborate with Keywords Studios, in order to have a chance to meet in person.

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  • Native level of target language
  • Extensive knowledge of source language
  • Translation experience
    • Familiar or passionate about video games
    • Knowledge of translation tools or willingness to learn
    • Pass the entry test

  • ネイティブレベルのターゲット言語
  • ソース言語に関する広範な知識
  • 翻訳経験
    • ゲームの知識 または ゲームへの情熱
    • 翻訳ツールを扱う知識 または その知識を身につける意欲
    • エントリーテストへの合格

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