Mindwalk Studios – A Keywords Company is hiring a fulltime Translator and project coordinator to help us with our growing business. If you are a diligent, detail oriented individual who loves to play games and/or watch animation, this may be the job for you. Industry knowledge is not required although preferred; we will teach you! What’s important is experience in project management and customer service, as this job will require you to interface with customers on a daily basis. You need to be a native English speaker, love to work with people, and be able to negotiate with customers. Proficient software knowledge is a definite plus. The job does not require fluent Mandarin, although it is preferred.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Translate documents and feedback of overseas game projects翻译海外游戏项目文档及反馈
  • Communicate the needs of clients with the project leader, ensuring clear and effective communication between the team and the clients与项目组长沟通客户需求,确保双方沟通清晰有效
  • Technical interpretation for clients and employees timely适时为客户与员工做技术方面的英文口译
  • Assist the project manager to follow up and control the project process and and complete the delivery协助项目经理跟进并把控项目流程,做好项目提交工作


  • Passionate for game, bachelor degree or above, and 1+ year’s translation/project coordination experience热爱游戏,本科及以上学历。具有1年以上英文翻译/项目协调工作经验
  • TEM8, and proficient in English listening, speaking, reading and writing英语专业八级水平,具备优秀的英语口语和书写的能力
  • Great learning and understanding. Excellent communication and organizing skills学习速度快,理解力强,具备优秀的沟通能力和组织协调能力
  • Rigorous, conscientious and responsible for work. The ability to work under pressure对待工作严谨认真,责任心强,能承受一定的工作压力
  • Experience in overseas study or project coordination is preferred有海外留学经历或具有项目协调工作经历经验者优先


Social Insurance and Housing Fund, Annual Leave, thirteenth salary, Medical Check-up

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