D Art Director D Art Director" />
  • Responsible for the art style of various projects, and providing guidance on the overall art style for the art team
  • Able to lead other artists to complete tasks in time;
  • Responsible for the QA of art products;
  • Responsible for art personnel deployment, art resource management and work plan assignment;


  • Strong sense of responsibility;
  • Proactive and self-disciplined in work, able to complete work requirements on time, in quality and quantity;
  • Have experience in next-gen games and be familiar with the processes of next-gen games art development, Profound artistic skills, Have certain art work experience;
  • Be able to relocate to Shanghai, China;
  • Good coordination ability and work planning ability to ensure the realization of the company's products and project goals;
  • Good communication skills, able to work under strong pressure, have teamwork spirit, able to put forward constructive suggestions from the technical perspective, love games;
  • English communication skills are preferred.
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