About us:

Over the past 16 years this service provider company with studios based in Vancouver has established a reputation for excellence for the high caliber of work they provide to broadcasters, streaming companies and corporate clients. They are a proud member of the Netflix Post Partner Program and work with major networks, producers and corporate clients.

This is a growing company that values the work they do with accessibility. The team is passionate, caring and committed to providing best in class services.

They are looking to fill this position with an individual that shares the same values, level of integrity and work ethic as they do.

About you:

  • You must be a driven and highly passionate individual with some years of experience in business operations, team development and client services.
  • You are a leader, an excellent communicator and enjoy working in a friendly, supportive work environment.
  • You have a good grasp of broadcast audio/video and a knowledge of basic security & anti-piracy protocols.
  • You are a ‘hands on’ person who enjoys working in the trenches.
  • You have experience setting up and maintaining IT systems, equipment and networks.
  • You have years of previous experience in either a post-production facility or at a language service provider or similar.
  • You have a desire to contribute and grow with an International company.
  • You fully appreciate and understand how “access services” bring fulfillment and joy to the ones involved with creating the experience and the responsibility that comes with this task to the community who will experience the produced assets and by the same token the responsibility that comes with providing such access services.


Strategy and Management

• Work with core management team to continually find, develop, and streamline new business segments and workflows.

• Contribute in a management capacity to the day-to-day life of the studio and work closely with the production teams to drive performance, measure productivity

• This role will ensure that projects, clients and accounts are looked after with the best care and methodology and continue to build and drive company culture.

• Hiring and drive top performance of the production team which includes the engineering team, the writers, the voice talent and the live describers. Negotiate contracts where applicable.

• Develop, revise, and maintain DVW contractor’s Roles and Responsibilities.

• Manage and guide operations’ staff. Review projects with staff and ensure they understand priorities.

• Implement policy and procedures toward maximizing revenue and upholding outstanding customer service.

• Create and maintain ‘Company Procedures Manual’.

• Develop and maintain Business Continuity Plan.

• Develop and maintain Company Privacy Policy with PIPA Guidelines.

• Track and analyze per project profit and deviations from original project plan. Provide to executive team.

• Conduct weekly Management calls, track items resulting from calls and produce management notes.

• Present Operation’s update and Strategic Vision at Management Meetings. Research alternatives with Operation’s team and incorporate feedback into Strategic Plans.

• Present service offerings to clients. Understand client’s needs and determine if DVW can facilitate with existing workflows, or if a new workflow should be created.

• Develop and Diagram existing and/or new system processes as needed. Present to staff and management.

• Conduct project post-mortems to determine where improvements can be made. Initiate changes as a result of ‘lessons learned’.

• Upon project completion, write project ‘one sheet’ and submit to marketing for use on the web and brochures.

Project Support

• Support the team through software installation and/or support of computer software.

• Write, assist in writing, and/or input into Request for Proposals and Request for Quotes.

• Oversee and be responsible for DVW Project Quality Control.

• Act in back-up role for project quoting.

• Assist in managing Change Order process.

• Work with Project Manager/Scheduler to assist in project organization - getting and/or keeping projects on-track, scheduling, and monitoring and reporting on project progress to involved parties.

• Respond to client technical questions where required.

• Organize and/or present training seminars to staff.

Technical Oversight

• Research and understand technical trends which may affect future workflows and purchase decisions.

• Recommend technical equipment and software to keep DVW productivity close to 100%. Negotiate with suppliers for equipment, training, and installation as required.

• Proactively ensure all licensing is kept up to date.

• Act in administrative, training, and support role for DVW software including, but not limited to:

- Project Management software

- CRM software

- Scripting software

- Recording and Mixing software

• Keep detailed records of all company computer hardware and broadcast equipment.

• Recommend and facilitate equipment and software upgrades where necessary.

• Be responsible for DVW data backup and data backup schema. Ensure all DVW is safely backed up and documented.

• Oversee and coordinate DVW email, internet, and web services.

• Track all utility usage. Recommend alternate suppliers/courses of action which save DVW resources.


• Negotiate contracts with suppliers.

• Other work as assigned.

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