Join the # 1 Soccer simulation title on the video game market today. The largest project in production at Burnaby, BC location. An opportunity to join this team is an opportunity to make a career for yourself. Heavily integrated with Development partners and QA get to be involved in almost every aspect of video game production.

Game Tester

Game Testers perform a vital role in game developments. They are responsible for executing formal test plans that address all phases of testing (functional performance, regression, and user acceptance) to ensure the delivery of quality production.



  • Education, knowledge, or experience of a relevant area (e.g. automation, analytics, audio, animation etc.)
  • Adaptability and flexibility to apply knowledge in new settings
  • Familiarity with testing/QA tools (ability to learn internal and external tools)
  • Knowledge of test planning, test cases, and test briefs desired
  • Knowledge of bug tracking software desired (Jira, Devtrack, Etc.)
  • Project progress tracking and reporting

Daily/weekly tasks

  • Support the onsite QA team and any external QA teams as needed
  • Execute test plans as directed by the team lead
  • Contribute to bug finding, reproduction and reporting
  • Contribute to bug tracking and regression
  • Reviewing the bug database (open bugs, bug reports, bug estimates, etc.)
  • May update and maintain bug tracking databases
  • Providing complete and concise feedback on game features
    • Through Blackbox, Whitebox, Ad-hoc, Free and End-User Testing
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