Job Description: The Technical Translator position for this team will fill a full-time role to translate technical documents from English to Mandarin, and vice versa. This position will be within an R&D team working on a new game product, so it requires the utmost sensitivity to confidential materials. Most documents will have technical and gaming terminology which requires fluency in Mandarin and English, as well as a deep understanding in engineering, technological, and gaming concepts.


  • Technical Knowledge - The Technical Translator should possess a strong foundation of engineering, technology, and gaming terminology and concepts. Many documents will contain language pertaining to some or all of these areas, and will require that the Technical Translator understands them so as to effectively translate entire concepts and ideas, rather than just words.
  • Strong Verbal Communication Skills - The Technical Translator will need to verbally communicate with several different small teams and non-Riot partners, with varying fluency in English and Mandarin. Verbal communication will be necessary to understand what the translation requirements are, to get clarification on any unclear ideas,
  • Writing - The Technical Translator will need to use strong writing skills to make any translation readable and understandable, while not losing any major concepts or important details. Strong grammar, spelling, and writing skills are necessary to effectively convey the meat of any translated messages.
  • Information Organization - An effective Technical Translator will need to organize information and find ways to structure multiple pieces of information.
  • Team Collaboration - An effective Technical Translator will essentially need to become a part of the team and work collaboratively with all members of the team. We are looking for somebody who embodies the characteristics of a Rioter and is a culture fit within Riot and the team. This person will also need to work closely with numerous members of the team and non-Riot partners.
  • Cultural Sensitivity - An understanding of both Chinese and American business practices and norms is important for the Technical Translator to possess so as to advise any team communications. Riot is also a unique work environment and requires that the Technical Translator understands the work environment and norms within Riot.
  • There may be some traveling and verbal translation involved, but the bulk of any regular work will be translation of documents and helping team members clarify any written concepts shared in English or Mandarin.
    • Native speaker of Mandarin/Fully fluent in English
    • 1+ years commitment
    • Gaming background (League of Legends)


    PTO, Dental, Medical, Vision

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