Contract Length: 18 months

Work Location: Work From Home until onsite operations resume (must be live in the Greater Seattle Area)

Work Hours: Fulltime

Build a strong working relationship with the Game Development Team through Playtests and help them with any obstacles to ensure that the gaming experiences that the Studio is working on are AAA status and delivered on time. Take a lot of pride in the work done. You represent the Playtest Coordinator Team and play a key role in the Playtest Culture fabric that comprises the studio itself.

Please Note: This position requires the candidate to be physically onsite immediately on their start date.


  • Manage the hardware and software install and upkeep for multiple internal Playtest Labs. This includes PC’s and consoles.
  • Work within the project database entering and triaging tasks and distribute the captured information accordingly and follow-up on any issues that directly relate to or are otherwise impacting Playtests.
  • Prop builds using multiple tools and quickly troubleshoot any issues in order to minimize impact on Playtests.
  • Create, manage and own a master schedule spanning multiple Teams. This includes balancing Lab time equally taking into consideration needs, deadlines and milestones.
  • Quickly react to changing needs with little to no down time.
  • Coordinate, recruit attendees and lead Playtesting efforts across the entire Studio spanning groups as diverse as: Test, Production, Marketing, User Research, Localization, Business Development, but may also include special external guests as well as press.
  • The ability to travel. A Playtest Coordinator could be called upon to travel to venues and set up, manage, as well as oversee the hardware and software both in transit as well as on location.
  • Actively work towards identifying and removing roadblocks that might impact Playtests. Evolve as the project evolves and learn new processes, tools or methods as they come online.
  • Construct structured and detailed daily reports showing current status of the daily build.

Keywords provides a competitive compensation package, good benefits and a casual, fun, productive and supportive working environment. We empower people to perform to the best of their ability with our “can do” attitude. We appreciate and embrace flexibility and learn at every opportunity to grow ourselves through experience, training and tackling new challenges. This is what makes us Keywordians.


  • Passion for games with a desire for understanding what makes them great.
  • Great public speaker and cross-team communicator. You can comfortably talk to a room of 5 or 500 and can easily articulate your points to creatives (e.g. Artists and Game Designers), technical people (e.g. Programmers), and non-technical people (e.g. PR and Marketing) alike.
  • Must be motivated, driven and always eager to make a positive impact to our games.
  • Must be a self-starter and take initiative with little direction.
  • Must have excellent organizational skills and the ability to prioritize.
  • Should always have a positive, team-oriented attitude.
  • Able to quickly adjust course and troubleshoot problems under pressure and time constraints.
  • Well organized with a keen eye for details and a strong work ethic.
  • Decision-making. You use your intellectual horsepower to break problems down into discrete elements and solutions and can demonstrate how those solutions positively impact the entire product.
  • Must have current gen video game knowledge.
  • Must have experience setting up, troubleshooting and maintaining PC’s and consoles.
  • Must have experience with Excel, OneNote, Outlook. MS Project experience is preferred as well as bug tracking software programs and Photoshop.


At KeyWords we provide all our contingent workforce with:

  • Paid Time Off (including sick days and holidays)
  • 401k (3% matching)
  • Medical, Dental and Vision benefits
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