The Senior Tester is expected to be an expert tester and to be autonomous in their testing as effective testing is always the main role of the Senior Tester.

The testing team as well as the Test Lead need to be able to rely on his experience and knowledge to take the right decisions.

Their main additional responsibility is to become the relay between the team and the Test Lead.

• Test the game in their native language;
• Be an example for others;
• Be the most informed tester on the project (project specific knowledge, workflows);
• Coach other testers who are not familiar with the project/team;
• Monitor morale and motivation;
• Handle small requests from the other testers;
• Be the filter for and coordinate small queries;
• Help integrating new testers in a changing project team;
• Coordinate bug checking;
• Smoke testing (be the first to get their hands on a build);
• Coordinate crosschecking of bugs;
• Assist the Test Lead with administrative tasks when asked;
• Send attendance report;
• Assist testers with technical setup of stations, resolving issues where possible:
o Bug vetting;
o Edit vetting;
o Monitor tester progression and adherence to testing strategy;
o Handling builds;
o Lead compliance work.


• Two (2) years experience in a similar position;
• Excellent in their native language;
• Good time management skills;
• Approachable;
• Strong observational skills, analytical and detail oriented;
• Proactive in completing tasks and escalating issues appropriately;
• Strong interpersonal skills;
• Tester experience;
• MS Office skills (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

• Familiar with compliance testing (asset);
• Understanding of LQA / game development process (asset);
• Passion for games (asset).

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