As part of the ICHI team, your role will be to support the Operations and Production Teams in organising the creative studio and managing client accounts. You will help to ensure the studio is running efficiently and that project schedules are maintained with appropriate resources booked. You will provide support in ensuring all projects are delivered to clients in an efficient and timely manner, assisting with production based documentation and research. You will be expected to maintain the professionalism and quality of the ICHI brand both internally and externally at all times. With the ICHI company model being highly collaborative and teamwork-driven, you will likely experience a range of responsibilities within the agency, and will be expected to assist with various projects and work where required. This will help with your development and give you the opportunity to gain a wide range of skills whilst working at ICHI.


  • Assist with scheduling for the studio by working closely with the Senior Operations Manager. This includes
    • managing the studio’s diaries
    • helping to book freelancers and/or crew
  • Liaising with third parties over permissions and creative instruction.
  • Assist with the creation of and update to all ICHI marketing platforms (e.g. website, social channels, creds presentations) by working closely with the Senior Operations Manager and required resources.
  • Support all internal based projects, ensuring resources are booked correctly and the schedule is executed accurately.
  • Researching key industry news and new platforms in order to disseminate that information clearly and concisely to the production team.
  • Helping with the creation and collation of project based financial documentation, legal contracts, and schedules.
  • Assist in ensuring all supplier documentation, e.g. NDAs, Independent Contractor Agreements, are up to date and signed by all third parties.
  • Assist with all production based documentation, e.g. call sheets, risk assessments.
  • Assist with the growth and development of ICHI’s resource network including our freelance database, ensuring it is up-to-date and relevant based on the services we provide and the ones we are planning on moving towards.
  • Assist in ensuring that ICHI based servers are organized, master files are backed up / correctly labelled and that Production stays on top of returning client assets at the end of projects.
  • Attend client meetings and brief and take useful, concise notes that can be relayed to other members of staff.
  • Communicate effectively and politely with internal members of staff and clients at all times.
  • Develop a keen eye for detail throughout all areas of work and when providing quality assurance for client-facing assets.


  • 1st Round: email submission to jobs@ichi-worldwide.com
    • CV
    • Cover Letter - bit more about yourself, why you would like to work at ICHI
  • 2nd Round: video interview with Senior Operations Manager
  • 3rd Round: face-to-face interview with Senior Operations Manager and Head of Production (subject to COVID 19, if not possible then video interview)
  • 4th Round: face-to-face intro meeting with Managing Director (subject to COVID 19, if not possible then video interview)


  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent organisation skills
  • Self motivated and strong time management skills
  • Fluent in English
  • Diligent and careful way of working
  • Accurate and intuitive understanding of mathematics with regards to budgeting
  • Competence with entry-level software such as the Microsoft Office Suite, Google Suite and similar
  • Enthusiasm to collaborate and learn
  • (Optional) Passionate about the games / entertainment sector


● Company pension scheme

● BUPA Healthcare

● Income Protection Cover

● Life Assurance

● Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

● Team social events

● Summer hours

● Training

● Friendly working environment

● And much, much more.

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