Set up for voiceover session.

Ensure proper file management over multiple computers.

Optimize scripts for narrator. Go over scripts to note any potential issues before session eg. pronunciations of names.

Ensure equipment is set up and prepared properly for recording and check sync.

Acquaint Narrator with show info including any pronunciations, timing (pace of read), genre of material.

Ensure mic selection and placement is properly done with respect to show material, voice quality.

Produce and direct session. Understand when retakes and alternate takes are needed. Provide options if necessary.

Communicate any notes with project manager upon completion of session.

When appropriate, follow-up with mixer of project to ensure best quality was achieved.

Have good knowledge of software and gear and follow proper signal flow in order to achieve high quality recordings and to properly trouble shoot when needed to do so.


Must have 2 years or more of experience recording in a media and entertainment business (voice over, narration, audio books, etc.)

Experience in Audio Description or Accessibility Services is a plus.

Professionalism and a great attitude.

A desire to do something meaningful in their work.

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