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At Keywords Studios, we realise that ensuring quality gaming experiences is key to player retention and, therefore, our clients’ success.

Our Game Science services and technologies can help you optimize engagement and retention and drive player acquisition, increase monetization and accelerate payback periods, enabling you to meet your success metrics.

Game development, operations and marketing are complex challenges that require a data-driven approach. Making informed decisions using player data – whether it is in-game analytics, attribution data, app store reviews, playtests, surveys, feedback or in-game posts and comments – is key to your game’s success.

Additionally, social engagement and viral loops need to be designed into the core game mechanics. Advanced technologies, such as marketing automation and predictive analytics can be leveraged to gain a competitive advantage and accelerate growth.

Success By Design

Keywords Studios supports our clients in overcoming these challenges by providing award-winning Game Science services to the global games industry – helping our clients put their players at the centre of the development, live operations and marketing processes.

Our teams bring a comprehensive set of services that provide support across every stage of the game development lifecycle, including:

  • World-leading playtesting and research services to effectively improve UX, accessibility and tutorialisation through Player Research;
  • Marketing automation, referral marketing, community building and state-of-the-art social features to engage, retain and acquire users through GetSocial, and;
  • Automated machine learning and AI technology that brings new insights and player behaviour prediction, through Yokozuna Data


Player Research

Player Research’s team of world-class UX experts offer expert user experience consultancy and research services to game developers globally. They provide purpose-built user testing labs in Europe and North America, and expertise from a portfolio spanning more than 500 released games.

Player Research’s time-tested research approaches and expertise in player psychology have resulted in hundreds of development teams building creative confidence and game design improvement. Key benefits include:

  • Breakdown and analysis of your competitor titles, detailing opportunities and common failures
  • Full evaluation of your prototype or wireframes against our four key layers – Understanding, Usability, Player Experience and Monetisation
  • Actionable digital reports from player testing sessions



GetSocial is a social engagement and referral marketing platform for mobile apps to increase user engagement, retention, acquisition and monetization. Key benefits of the technology include:

  • Referral marketing and content sharing solution to drive organic growth
  • Community engagement solution to enable user-to-user and developer-to-user interaction
  • Mobile marketing automation to create automated marketing flows that engage, re-engage and retain users
  • User segmentation and targeting with push notifications
  • Social graph and friend recommendation to connect users with their invited friends, and other users
  • Deeplinks for emails, social media, influencer, and other marketing promotions to measuring the performance of your marketing campaigns
  • Convert mobile and desktop web visitors to high-value app installs


Yokozuna Data

Yokozuna Data offers a unique set of flexible tools and cutting-edge technologies that allow game developers to leverage the power of big data to increase their game’s monetization by employing the latest AI and machine learning algorithms. Using the Yokozuna Data platform, you will have access to many key features such as:

  • Churn, lifespan and lifetime value predictions for individual players
  • Optimization of playtime and VIP retention
  • Time series forecasts of future daily/monthly sales and playtime
  • Simulation of what-if scenarios to find the optimal sequence, frequency and timing of game events (i.e. marketing campaigns)
  • Item recommender system to predict items certain players are likely to purchase next
  • Playing habits recognition to classify and identify players
  • A/B testing to decide between multiple lines of action
  • Automated push-notifications aimed to players expected to leave the game or stop purchasing

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