Game hardware is always changing. Developing across multiple platforms simultaneously can be costly and distract focus from actually working on the product. Keywords Studios’ engineering line offers services to port software to other platforms, allowing your development team to focus on making it fun.

Rapid hardware advancement also renders some systems obsolete. With Keywords porting services, we can update older games, allowing them run on modern platforms. Because not all hardware has the same input, our experienced UI/UX teams find creative solutions to streamline and modernise the user experience without compromising the original gameplay.

Our software engineers are experts at the technical aspects and requirements for every modern platform, and can assist in the submission and certification processes. This allows for a smooth transition of your game to and from any platform including console to console, PC to console, web to mobile, and everything in between.

Our services include:

  • Updating older software to run on modern hardware
  • Porting current generation software to new platforms
  • Ensuring compatibility with in-game stores and transactions
  • Network compatibility
  • Interface and input updates
  • Assisting in submissions process
  • Certification and launch
  • Post-launch support and updates (Live Ops)


Keywords is trusted by some of the world’s leading game companies to maintain the quality of their product, no matter how the player accesses it.

Contact us today to help your game reach the widest audience possible.

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