Precision is key to meeting our clients’ software engineering service requirements and we have the experience to deliver. We collaborate with our clients to deliver richer definition for their video gaming titles, learning applications or visualisation and simulation experiences.

At Keywords Studios, we provide access to development services and exclusive technology platforms that enhance both the visual elements and the unseen performance aspects of video games. We offer general and speciality engineering talent to augment our clients’ game teams, as well as providing full teams to execute complete efforts.

Our portfolio is broad and consists of the most advanced engineering services available, including:

  • Co-Development/Porting/Remastering
  • Experienced on all major platforms: console, mobile, web, Windows, macOS, Linux
  • Experience with all major game engines
  • Subject matter experts: rendering, online, gameplay, physics, user interfaces, optimisation, full-stack web development
  • Tool development
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • Interactive experiences
  • Civil engineering and urban planning visualisation


As our clients’ requirements continue to evolve, our talented and experienced teams of software engineers respond with the knowledge, agility and speed that are required for success. Our dedicated engineering studios utilise a superior portfolio of modern development hardware and equipment.

Whether our clients are seeking a Subject Matter Expert to augment their in-house team, or need their title independently ported to a new platform, our work-for-hire engineering studios are here to help.  We have many years of experience and are highly skilled in working across all major game engines, tools and platforms used in the games industry.

Our engineering service line complements the broad range of gaming support services available through our other service lines.

Contact us today to better understand our Engineering solutions.


Selected Titles

Lumberyard (1)
Company of Heroes (1)
The_escapists_2 (140x100)

Real Experiences

GameSim’s software engineers have provided key software development services to our company. They integrated seamlessly with our teams, operated well within our development framework, and have been flexible in moving among various C++ and content projects to provide expertise and resources where our teams were in need. Each member is a professional with a great attitude and eagerness to provide the best services possible, and working with GameSim management to organize staff and projects was equally a great experience.

Daniel Britton, Program Manager 1st/2nd/3rd Party MR Content, Magic Leap

It was a pleasure working with d3t on 'Jamillah & Aladdin: Cave of Wonders'. It was our first time as a company making an interactive comic and throughout the entire process they were open and collaborative and kept us updated and informed. They always strived to accommodate any requests we had which we really appreciated. Even when things got tricky they were happy to be flexible to ensure the project was finished on time. Plus they're all lovely! Which always helps.

Anne Brogan, Joint Managing Director, Kindle Entertainment
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