13th May 2019

‘Culture fit made Wizcorp and Keywords the ideal match’ – Christopher Kennedy and Guillaume Hansali speak to Venturebeat

Wizcorp’s mix of talent and culture – with its team of talented software engineers and artists from around the world – was one of the biggest attractions for Keywords Studios.

That’s according to Christopher Kennedy, Regional Managing Director for Keywords Studios in Asia.

Keywords last month acquired development company Wizcorp and its 35-person strong team, led by founder and CEO Guillaume Hansali.

Hansali and Kennedy recently sat down with Venturebeat to discuss trends in game development and Kennedy says Wizcorp is a great fit for Keywords.

“In Japan, Keywords currently has more than 300 people employed. It’s a very diverse team doing many different services. Roughly 40 percent of the team is Japanese,” he explained.

“The rest is a mix of 20-plus other nationalities. Guillaume’s team at Wizcorp has a very similar feel to it. It’s about half Japanese and half a mix of other diverse talents.

“It [the acquisition] felt like a very good match in terms of culture, and a way to bring development services into Keywords in Japan through an international team that would allow for quick synergies and easy synchronization.”

Based in Tokyo, Japan, Wizcorp develops games mainly in the mobile space, with particular expertise in HTML5 and other mobile technologies.

Guillaume said: “We actually started making games in 2010. It was an HTML5 game, which made a lot of sense for us, because we had a strong web technology proficiency.

“At the same time, obviously we liked games. One of my associates at the time said, ‘Hey, we need to do this. It’s much more fun to make games than work on websites’.

“It made sense when we were approached by Keywords, because work for hire game development is something we’ve been doing for a very long time. That’s exactly the business we do.”

You can read the full interview with Christopher Kennedy and Guillaume Hansali on Venturebeat here.

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