The Company has a progressive dividend policy, subject to the retention of funds needed to fund future growth of the Group’s business and its strategic aims. Dividends are generally paid in Sterling.

TypeEx-DatePay-DateNet DividendCurrencyTotal for Year
H2 Dividend01-Jun-1723-Jun-170.89GBX1.33p
H1 Dividend06-Oct-1628-Oct-160.44GBX
H2 Dividend02-Jun-1623-Jun-160.81GBX1.21p
H1 Dividend01-Oct-1523-Oct-150.40GBX
H2 Dividend04-Jun-1526-Jun-150.74GBX1.1p
H1 Dividend01-Oct-1421-Oct-140.36GBX
H2 Dividend02-Jul-1425-Jul-140.67GBX1p
H1 Dividend09-Oct-1328-Oct-130.33GBX
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