10th Aug 2020

Keywords Insights Q3 2020

Each quarter we share with you specialist knowledge from the world of external video games development, as well as industry news and events.

A beginner’s guide to design and concept from Hal Sandbach of d3t

Hiring the right people is one of the most important aspects of growing a successful games development studio. However, an often overlooked area is knowing what tools to supply your team with. In a recent article for GamesIndustry.biz, Coconut Lizard studios head Robert Troughton details the right toolset to keep a development team happy and working efficiently.

Read the article here.

How audio description in games can make them more accessible for blind and low vision players

Recently we spoke with three ‘Testing’ staff members to gain an insight into what it’s like working in QA roles to help ensure video games are free of defects and perform the way developers envisage. All based in Katowice, Lukasz Szewczyk is a QA Manager, Paulina Smyczek is an LQA Associate Lead and Matylda Mizera is an FQA Associate lead.

Read what they had to say here.

‘This generation will be defined by player immersion through Audio’

Client director at CORD Worldwide Trish Garcia was recently featured in MCV/Develop, discussing how audio will define the next era of consoles. “The games that succeed in this are the ones that seamlessly blend their visuals, gameplay and audio together, where an invisible conductor moves the players through a world that completely immerses them, yet isn’t their own,” she says.

Read the full article here.

Register now for our next digital event – your essential guide to privacy and tracking in games

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace; we see new games and apps released every day that need detailed testing to provide the best customer experience. On the surface, UI Automation seems pretty straightforward so why do so many people tell stories about terrible failures?  Join our next digital event as Janet Weddle, Technical QA Manager at Keywords, shares preparation steps that that will help you change how you approach UI automation and make your next story about automation an awesome success. 

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