- 12th Aug 2020

UI Automation: Preparation is KeyDigital Event

This event has now passed but don’t worry you haven’t missed out, you can watch it by clicking on the link below.

About this Live Event

Technology is evolving at a fast pace; we see new games and apps released every day that need detailed testing to provide the best customer experience.  

On the surface UI Automation seems pretty straightforward. So, why do so many people tell stories about terrible failures?  

Janet Weddle, Technical QA Manager at Keywords, shares some preparation steps that that will help you change how you approach UI automation and make your next story about an awesome success. 

Join our digital event to hear all about the FQA UI test automation best practices you should follow to raise your game.  

Key Takeaways

1. Learn from the past: why automation may have failed before  

2. Why you should reduce your automation focus 

3. Specific items to review before starting an automation effort 

About the Presenter

Presenter Bio: Janet Weddle, Technical QA Manager at Keywords Functionality QA.
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