Keywords is hiring test analysts for a 4-6 month contract project. We are looking for candidates with high technical competency and test tool exposure. The ideal candidate must have a proven, vigorous work ethic, coupled with an inherent curiosity and thirst to learn and better themselves at every possible opportunity. They will be required to represent QA in feature stand-ups, thus confidence and good communication skills are critical.

Key Duties:

  • Executes functional tests in a manual grey box environment, developing an understanding of game code and logic to push QA further into the development cycle
  • Initially shadow QA and eventually fully own features from start to finish, devising test strategies, writing test cases, voicing QA concerns and adapting test plans as an essential part of the product QA team
  • Write test designs and tasks either for personal or external resource teams, to the appropriate standard
  • Create test reports showing test progress and actively contribute to feature stand-ups. Listening to discipline updates and taking initiative whenever possible
  • Solve complex problems in effective, efficient and resourceful ways. Ability to break problems down
  • Ensures a positive, professional and collaborative team environment is maintained with the whole development team
  • Works with external QA resource team to liaise and share upcoming risks and mitigations, including creating documentation, sharing information and fielding questions
  • Gain a deep understanding of testing tools and debug including the various admin tools QA use
  • Helps QA conduct playtests to understand the value of UX testing


  • 2+ years of testing experience
  • Risk assessment experience
  • Understanding of source control branching strategies in the context of QA
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Understanding of client server testing
  • Multidisciplinary team experience (ex. production, programming, art, UI, etc.)
  • Understanding of source control
  • Familiarity with mobile OS and hardware (ie. iOS, Android)
  • Familiarity with defect metric in QA
  • Bonus
    • JIRA and Perforce experience
    • MMO experience
    • Live QA experience
    • GaaS experience (games as a service)
    • Test case management tool experience (ex.. Zephyr, TestRail, qTest, etc.)
    • Mobile gaming market familiarity
    • Passion for learning new tech skills
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