The Capture Specialist (Camera Artist) is responsible for capturing, saving and placing cinematic cameras for football/soccer gameplay moment. These visuals are used as marketing and promotional content for social media and/or competitive gaming events. As a member of the gameplay capture team you will become a specialist for your area and be able to capture gameplay based on your knowledge of various sports teams, and rules and regulations and place cinematic cameras based on your cinematography expertise. The Capture Specialist will understand that sometimes capturing the perfect play may take time and repetition.

Duration: Full time, Monday to Friday 9-5:30

Please note, that due to the current covid pandemic, we will all be working remotely for most of 2020


  • Knowledge or interest in Soccer
  • Knowledge and passion for gaming
  • Knowledge of different cinematic camera languages
  • Great understanding of the social media and TV worlds
  • Self-starter with a strong work ethic, able to meet responsibilities without constant supervision
  • Capable of understanding complex features/systems and how it applies to the product
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Detail-oriented with strong observational skills
  • Ability to take ownership of assigned tasks and features
  • Proficient in PC use and current generation video game consoles
  • Flexible and team-oriented. Should have a good interpersonal and follow-up skills and the ability to manage multiple projects and tasks
  • Ability to work in group settings under high-pressure

Daily/Weekly tasks

  • Create cinematic cameras for gameplay moments
  • Capture specific gameplay moments
  • Create and follow Test Plans and Verifications
  • Provide Qualitative feedback regarding the product
  • Checking new builds for “blocking bugs” on a daily basis
  • Maintaining and updating builds
  • Reporting and communicating issues to the Cinematics team
  • Reporting and communicating Gameplay issues to the development team
  • Testing camera tools each time a new build is available to ensure that the Cinematics team can perform their daily tasks
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