The Senior Production Services Support Technician (Senior Tech) is expected to be an expert in the departments’ procedures and to have extensive knowledge of all the other positions. The Senior Tech should be autonomous in his daily routine, as providing floor support and responding to Help Desk requests are always the main focus. The Production Services Support Team needs to be able to rely on his experience and knowledge to make the right decisions, when required. Additionally, it is also the responsibility of the Senior Tech to share their knowledge and experience, in order to assist and guide the team. When no Production Support Lead is unavailable, the Senior Tech is the first point of contact for the team. As the senior member of the team, it is important to lead by initiative and behave in accordance to the core of Keyword’s values.

The Senior Production Services Support Technician is expected to become the bridge between the team and the Support Management. When the workload requires it, the Production Support Leads may require the Senior Tech’s assistance with such managerial tasks like training, evaluations, meetings, documentation creation or help with team communication.


  • Fulfill the main duties of their Production Services Support Technician assignment.
  • Monitor Help Desk requests and ensure timely responses.
  • Be a constructive example for others, as well as a positive representative of the team.
  • Have a strong knowledge of all support tasks and processes.
  • Mentor other technicians support tasks and processes.
  • Be able to, temporarily, replace or assist any Production Services Support Technician position.
  • Monitor morale and motivation within the team.
  • Filter, coordinate and/or handle queries received from Production or other Services.
  • Excellent time management skills and ability to prioritize properly.
  • Assist the Production Support Leads with administrative tasks when needed.
  • Escalate any issue to the Support Management (either project, process related or employee related issues).



  • Ability to present clear and proper instruction/communication.
  • Approachable with great customer service skills.
  • Strong observational and interpersonal skills, analytical and detail oriented.
  • Proactive in completing tasks and escalating issues appropriately.
  • Knowledgeable with Help Desk and Merinio.
  • Comfortable with MS Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
  • Comfortable with managing change.
  • Sense of initiative and desire of accomplishment.
  • Capacity to multi-task.


  • Strong sense of accomplishment for completed tasks.
  • Team first mentality; lead by example.
  • Past experience with working within a team.
  • Past experience in employee management.

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