Established in 2004, Lakshya Digital, a Keywords Studio, is the largest interactive entertainment and game development services studio in South Asia. We have game production studios in Gurgaon and Pune, and business offices in Tokyo, Japan and San Diego, California.

Our continued success is fueling the need to expand in the US and we are looking for top quality talent to become part of our studio in Redmond, WA. We are looking for talented Senior Producers.

This important, high impact role has robust responsibilities, please see below:

  • Acts as the Production Team’s primary representative to the client.
  • Handles all key communication with the client including:
    1. Negotiations
    2. Work orders
    3. Expectation setting
    4. Escalations
    5. Push-backs
    6. Scope change
    7. Staffing and ramp-up/down
    8. Future/additional work
  • Helps the production team to uncover the client’s requirements and latent needs. Uses skillful investigation and questioning.

  • With the support of the AD (US), works to ensure that the Production Team has a full understanding of the client’s requirements, so that they are well positioned to deliver a positive, happy and satisfying experience to the Client. Helps to bridge any cultural issues that may crop up between the Client and the India Production team.
  • Effectively sets and manages Client expectations.
  • In the absence of an Account Manager:
    1. Effectively manages – and builds - the relationship between Clients and Lakshya
    2. Delivers difficult messages/communication to the client
  • For work being handled out of the US, ensures:
    1. Process compliance by the US team
    2. Identification and mitigation of risks and issues pertaining to the US team
    3. Timely completion and delivery of work by the US team
  • Represents the organization’s interests to the Client in order to ensure that the Client recognizes the true value of the services being provided, as well as to appraise the client of the challenges the Production Team may be facing. Makes extra effort to push clients to deliver work on time so that the production team doesn’t sit idle.
  • Handles all Clients’ escalations maturely. Works with the Production Team, Key Stakeholders and Internal and External Experts in order to solve Client’s / project problems. Reviews team’s solutions and appropriately acts upon them (approving such solutions in some cases, escalating further upwards in some others etc.)
  • Has regular review meetings:
    1. With the Team Leadership (Lead PM India, AD US and AD India) to review the status of projects, risks and issues etc.
    2. (In conjunction with Team Leadership) With each Project Team to discuss feedback, efficiency, rounds of iteration for approval, risks etc.
    3. (In conjunction with Team leadership) With management to present project KPIs, Risks and issues.
  • Works together with the Team Leadership to drive the improvement in KPIs of the projects being handled by the team.
  • Meets with Clients regularly – in person or virtually – in order to keep them updated about the project status, and any potential challenges that the Production Team might be facing. Conversely, captures Client’s plans, feedback and concerns and conveys them to the team. Uses such occasions to also gather client feedback and concerns as well as gain visibility into future/additional work.
  • Ensures that all paper-work with Clients are completed on time. Follows up with Clients to ensure that work orders, invoice approvals etc. are received on time.
  • Critically reviews all Estimates and Bids, Reports and Updates from the team to the Client in order to ensure that all such communication are correct, appropriate and easily understandable.
  • Helps the Production Team invoice for work on time. Follows up on delayed payments.
  • Secures feedback and testimonials from the Client at the conclusion of the project.


  • Skills, Knowledge and Experience

    • Good knowledge of project planning, risk planning and mitigation
    • Proficiency in managing client relations
    • Understanding of 3D game art creation pipeline (desirable but not essential)
    • At least 10 years of experience as a Project Manager in the video games or allied industry.
  • Behaviors and Abilities 1. Leadership
    • Able to provide the team mature and purposeful leadership
    • Able to independently assess situations and take mature decisions, keeping the organizations goals and objectives in mind.
    • Able to hold the team to a higher level of performance.
    • In the face of ambiguity, able to act decisively, after weighting the pros and cons of the different courses available, and also consulting other experts / seniors.
    • Able to set a personal example for the team through conduct and professional behaviour – treating people well, coming to work on time, not wasting time etc.
    • Able to seek and understand the objective of changes and actively support organizational efforts to increase effectiveness and efficiency.
    • Good at sharing his ideas, suggestions and views honestly and openly with the management and team to create a positive organization culture and team work.
    • Able to work with Management, HR and the PM team to improve the PM team’s performance.
    • Contributes to the knowledge building and management of project management capabilities.

2. Client Management

    • Is able to put self in the client’s shoes and represent the client’s interests to the production team
    • Is highly responsive to the client’s requirements and requests. Works with the production team and other key stakeholders to address client requirements quickly and effectively
    • Has the ability to draw out all key client’s requirements – even those that are not clearly or openly articulated by the client
    • In the face of a difficult or stressful situation, does not lose his / her cool. Works to reduce the stress level and friction between the client and the production team
    • Works hard to establish himself / herself with the team, the client and seniors as being reliable, responsible and trustworthy. Willingly does his / her share of the work, openly takes responsibility for their mistakes and lives up to their commitments.
    • Is thorough and detail oriented with own work, and with that of the team. Ensures that all communication and deliveries going out from the project team are complete and error-free in every way.
    • Shows initiative. Has a clear understanding of what needs to be done to achieve success, and does it before being asked to, or before the situation demands it.

3. Communication


  • work with interesting projects and top tier clients
  • lead and work with very talented individuals
  • fun and enriching team building activities
  • Full benefits package
  • 401K
  • Paid Time Off
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