The Quality Engineering team is looking for an Associate Software Engineer to collaborate with our test and development teams to create and deploy technical automation. You will debug complex problems and breathe new life into technical roadblocks, working with our test and development teams to ensure existing and new features run smoothly and work effectively. With no bug too small, you understand that creating seamless automation solutions is the key to defect prevention, not simply defect detection. This team works collaboratively with the development and test team, they are not a testing team.

Daily/weekly tasks

  • Provide qualitative feedback to feature and content designers
  • Scheduling automation runs
  • Monitor and track tools, test success, and feature progress Partner with project leads to continuously drive improvements, identify risks, project plan and QA strategies
  • Represents QA (feature area) when attending meetings and stand-ups
  • Ability to create and present reports to QA and development partners
  • Keeps track of bug log and monitor issue progress
  • Drives the refinement and improvement of QA methods, procedures and processes
  • Leverages data, automation and tools to evaluate task performance
  • May contribute to minor adjustments of automation scripts
  • Provides updates to Core QA on changes to the feature and input into test areas to focus on
  • Liaise as required with partners teams
  • Uses in depth knowledge of the feature under their ownership to drive Automation, Test tools to more efficiently verify their area
  • Provides risk assessments of their area of ownership


  • Previous QA experience is an asset
  • Technical/domain subject matter background – diploma or degree
    • Expert technical area of knowledge (e.g. white-box testing, automation, C# etc.)
  • A Scripting language is highly desirable
    • C#
  • Knowledge of source control tools
    • Github, Perforce, Jenkins
  • Proven ability to improve overall quality and processes
  • Knowledge of automation and debug logs
    • Debugging failure analysis
  • Task management
  • A strong understanding of testing methodologies/QA background
    • Ability to test own scripts
    • Update scripts
    • Debug process
    • Identify bug fixes on existing scripts
  • Understanding Software Development Life-Cycle processes
    • Agile experience is huge plus
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