As a Receptionist, you will be the first point of contact for our company. Our Receptionist’s duties include offering administrative support across the organization. You will welcome guests and greet people who visit the business. You will also coordinate front-desk activities, including distributing correspondence and redirecting phone calls. To be successful as a Receptionist, you should have a pleasant personality, as this is also a customer service role. You should also be able to deal with emergencies in a timely and effective manner, while streamlining office operations. Multitasking and stress management skills are essential for this position. Ultimately, a Receptionist’s duties and responsibilities are to ensure the front desk welcomes guests positively, and executes all administrative tasks to the highest quality standards.

  • 负责日常来访客人的接待和登记工作;将重要事项传达给相关人员;
  • 负责公司各类信件、传真、包裹的签收工作;办公用品的采购与领用;
  • 简单英文邮件与外籍客户或同事沟通机票行程及酒店安排;
  • 发布公司通知公告,独立传达各类通知信息;
  • 设施管理以及安全检查维护工作;
  • 整理员工档案信息,统计员工考勤;
  • 办理社会保险和公积金业务及外籍员工签证事宜;
  • 帮助外籍同事处理日常问题;
  • 严格保证考勤,履行所有前台职位要求;
  • 履行管理层分配的其他任务,协助人事、财务、运营各类日常工作。


  • 年龄22-26周岁,大专以上学历,文秘、英语或其他相关专业;
  • 形象气质佳,普通话标准;有1-2年前台行政相关工作经验;
  • 可以进行简单英文对话,以及简单英文邮件书写(必须);
  • 能够熟练使用Word、Excel等办公软件及各种办公自动化设备;
  • 性格开朗,具有较强的责任心、亲和力;具有较强的工作主动性 ;
  • 时间管理能力强,工作效率高,能有条理的处理复杂的工作;
  • 语言表达能力和执行能力强,具有良好的沟通能力、团队协作能力;
  • 做事细心负责,服务意识强,能灵活变通的处理问题。



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