The Service Line Manager is the main contact point for KWS Audio Localization in Asia. Main responsibilities include the support of business development initiatives, the supervision of audio production in Asia , the maintenance of relationships with key clients in Asia and local recording studios as well.

Located in Asia it will be connecting with production studios and clients in the area in strong cooperation with the rest of the world.




  • Cooperate with the KWS BD team to acquire new business
  • 与KWS BD(商务拓展)团队合作寻求新业务
  • Develop RFI/RFPs for clients
  • 为客户制定RFI/RFP
  • Attend client’s meetings and exhibition
  • 参与客户会议和展览
  • Support and monitor production team working with Asian clients / deals (i.e. Tokyo, LA and Taipei PMs)
  • 支持和监督与亚洲客户合作/涉及亚洲区合约的制作团队(即东京、洛杉矶和台北的项目经理)
  • Cooperate with Global Audio Resource Manager to manage Asian audio vendors
  • 与全球音频人力资源经理相互合作,管理亚洲音频供应商


  • Strong business knowledge of audio localization and dubbing with special knowhow about Asian market
  • 具备丰富的音频本地化和配音业务知识,且对亚洲市场具有深入了解
  • Knowledge of the audio game localization process and audio production processes
  • 熟悉音频游戏本地化及音频制作流程
  • Knowledge of the audio game localization process and audio production processes
  • 具有音频软件及硬件相关技术知识者优先考虑
  • Ability to meet tight deadlines on time and to work under pressure
  • 能承受工作压力并按时完成时间紧迫的任务
  • Strong skills in organization, planning and resource management
  • 具有较强的组织、规划和资源管理能力
  • Strong problem solving and excellent communication skills
  • 具有较强的问题解决能力和良好的沟通能力
  • Strong entrepreneur attitude
  • 具有进取心和商业头脑
  • Ability to work in a transnational and multicultural business environment
  • 能够在多元文化的跨国企业环境下工作
  • Availability to travel 25% of the time (compatibly with Covid regulations
  • 出差日数约为工作日总数的1/4(遵循新型冠状病毒肺炎疫情相关法规)
  • Advanced command of English language, written and spoken
  • 较强的英语口语和书面表达能力
  • Fluent in one Asian language plus business knowledge of another Asian language
  • 精通一门亚洲语言,同时具备另一门亚洲语言的商务知识
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