Department management duties:

Recruit and onboard freelance contractors as needed.

Develop and implement writing guidelines for the department.

Guide training for new writing contractors. Ensure training manual is updated as needed and create writing templates and materials as required.

Assess writer’s scripts in relation to DVW guidelines. Develop, guide, and mentor writers in deficient areas to improve writing skills such as creativity, accuracy, style, tone, emotion, etc.

Meet with writing team individually and collectively on recurring basis.

Evaluate and help writers solve QC issues. Approve fixes where necessary.

Update management team in regard to department and writer challenges, team progress and successes, and staffing.

Strategize with management team to suggest and implement DVW initiatives, ideas, and procedures.

Consult with management on new potential market opportunities.

Support studio head in client outreach.

Implement new systems and upgrades with support from management team.

Guide the development and deployment of new technology solutions for the writing department.

Review short videos from corporate/multimedia clients, as requested, to determine if extended audio description is necessary and advise how freeze frames should be inserted, e.g. top & tail and/or within content.

Attend and contribute to board meetings, management, department and staff meetings and focus groups, where required.

The role will also be required to be an active contributor in writing audio description:

Receive files from Project Manager and confirm due date.

Inform Project Manager immediately of any technical issues with the file; no audio or video, damaged or incomplete.

Ensure script meets the standards of audio description, including avoiding overlap with dialogue.

Output script with Timecode markers.

Proofread/QC final project for accuracy/typos etc.

Return script and project on or before due date to Project Manager.

Input required data into Project Management System.

Other projects, as assigned by Studio Head.


Extensive experience writing audio description.

Prior management experience required.

Possess strong professionalism and a proactive “can do” attitude.

Exhibit creative thinking and be a team player.

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