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We are Snowed In Studios, and we have a bold vision to build a games industry hub in the National Capital Region. Part of the global Keywords Studios family, Snowed In Studios has been making games in Ottawa for ten years, and we’re looking for smart, experienced and exceptional entertainment professionals that want to help turn that vision into reality.

Snowed In Studios are on the lookout for a producer – senior if you’re an entertainment veteran, mid-level if you have experience and are looking to grow. We won’t count the actual years in your work profile. It’s the content of those years that counts the most.

Player attributes

  • Project Management: You are first and foremost an entertainment project manager, creatively and technically. You can develop, plan and execute projects, from pitch to certification on console, mobile, PC, web and any other platform the games industry throws at you. Risk management is in your DNA.
  • Leadership: That’s leadership, not management, and you know the difference. We want to hear how you serve a technical team of uber-smart engineers to reach a common goal, and how you develop the individual potential of every team member.
  • Client Relations: We’re a customer-driven organization, so you are comfortable with client-facing relationships and communications.
  • Communication: Speaking of communication, you have to be able to filter vast amounts of information into actionable items, while clearly keeping your team, your client and management informed of the changing situation.
  • Business Management: Running a project is part of running a business, which includes sales, hiring, staffing, cost management, proposals, and writing contracts. It also includes long-term business development and identifying new opportunities.
  • Product Management: You know what makes a good player experience, and can constructively critique and guide in-development games to make them better. You can also guide a group in brainstorming a new title from the ground up, providing guidance on gameplay, art, tech, analytics, cert and legislation that affects your title.
  • Passion and Ambition: You have a thirst for knowledge and a passion for engaging entertainment experiences, gaming, technology and art.
  • Tools of the producer trade: If we have to mention them, this may not work out.


Required Skills and Experience

  • 2+ years of leadership experience in gaming production, game project management, game publishing or consumer-facing software application development
  • Shipped titles
  • 2+ years of project management experience, including multiple development methodologies
  • Experience managing distributed development in multiple geographies
  • Build, track and maintain both simple and complex project schedules
  • Strong mediation and negotiation skills
  • Exceptional attention to details
  • Effective communication skills across all levels of a small studio and a multinational organization
  • Experience using multiple project management and product management tools

Bonus points for your XP in:

  • University degree
  • Producer, Team Lead or Director Title
  • Programming, Design or artistic experience in a game production
  • Scrum
  • Spreadsheet-fu
  • EQ
  • UX
  • Program management
  • Requirements engineering

Do you have much of the above, but not all? Don’t cry, be bold instead. Tell us about the cool stuff that you bring to the table that can run successful game projects and help build the gaming industry in Ottawa. We want to hear from you!


What we offer you:

  • Autonomy
  • Room to grow and the ability to set your career direction, both locally and in a global company
  • Working with an amazing crew of diverse, talented humans on some of the coolest titles and projects, from small productions to some of the biggest triple-As on the planet
  • Work in one of Ottawa’s hippest neighbourhoods, Hintonburg
  • Work well, not long: enjoy Snowed In’s anti-crunch principles
  • Versatile health benefits plan
  • Flexible hours
  • Strong sense of culture: feel like being part of a family!
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