27th Nov 2020

Staff spotlight: Meet Javier Sangorrin, Localization PM in Barcelona

At Keywords Studios, through our Localization services, we partner to deliver the truly native experiences that all gamers deserve, wherever they live and whatever language they speak.

Specialising in servicing mobile gaming clients, our Barcelona studio is home to the multi-talented Javier Sangorrin, one of our newest and youngest family members.

At just 24 years of age, his love of games has already led him to begin a promising career in games localization as project manager through an internship program. It’s one that suits him well thanks to his knowledge of no less than five languages.

We wanted to speak to him to see ourselves through a pair of fresh eyes.

Here is what he had to say:

Describe your role within Keywords Localization. What does a typical day involve?

My days mainly involve handling communication between Keywords partner vendors and our clients, helping to keep the quality of our localization services up to par with clients’ expectations.

I also spend time organising the distribution of work to our vendors, managing all communications in the team.

Is there a specific aspect of your role you enjoy?

I enjoy working with so many different languages at once and with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Javier Sangorrin Gomez at Cap de Creus in Catalonia, Spain

There’s indeed something special to managing a project – it can feel as if you’re a parent to a big family. And if you add that the family is so multicultural, it’s just unique!

How did you get into Localization for video games? What inspired your career path?

I’ve been a gamer for as long as I can remember. I got a Game Boy Color for my fifth birthday, but I was also playing other consoles before that, so you could almost say I was born with a controller in my hands.

As for languages, they’ve always been my forte (I can currently speak 5-6 languages, and I plan to increase that number as I grow up), so after studying translation at college, I seized the opportunity to join Keywords as soon as I got it.

What have you gained from working with Keywords Localization?

Apart from the invaluable experience as a PM, I’ve improved both my communication and organisation skills. I’ve also experienced what living in a true working environment feels like.

What is your favourite video game and why?

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Graphics-wise, it was revolutionary. Story-wise, it captivated me (I finished it after a long but pleasant 80 hours of gameplay). Also, the original soundtrack captures the game’s vibes perfectly.

Tell us an interesting fact that people may not know about you

I’m a musician (guitarist and singer) and I have absolute/perfect pitch, which can sometimes be a real nightmare!

Finally, what three tips do you have for someone who wants to work in localization?

  1. Teamwork is important. Always ask your colleagues for help if you need it.
  2. Re-read your work.
  3. Keep an organised schedule.

Are you interested in a role with Keywords Localization? You can find current open positions on the Keywords Studios website.

For more information on how Keywords can help you localize your video games for players around the world, visit our Localization services page.

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