26th Apr 2019

Having access to “really great talent” remains the focus for Keywords Studios – Andrew Day speaks with PC Games Insider

Keywords Studios CEO Andrew Day believes that the company’s great talent and loyal client base are behind the company’s continued success.

In a recent interview with PC Games Insider, Day revealed that when it comes to exploring opportunities to add to its 50-plus studios around the world, the number-one consideration is securing “great talent”.

Day says of any new studio: “They need to have access to really great talent.

“You’re wanting to invest not just in the company as it is today, but in the company that it can become tomorrow. It needs to have this access to talent in order to grow organically.”

Keywords recently announced the acquisition of Wizcorp, in keeping with plans to increase the company’s Engineering arm and the CEO says this building out of services will continue.

“We’ve introduced sound design; we’ve introduced music management services, as well as marketing services,” Day explains.

“Our Engineering and game development services are growing very fast – there’s lots of demand for that.”

As for the focus on the remainder of the year, delivering the best results and acting as an extension of clients remains the priority.

“We have fantastically loyal clients that we’ve been working with forever. Usually what’s happening is over the years, they’re buying more services from us, they’re buying more of the same services from us.

“The relationships deepen and broaden which is fabulous. As a business, that’s your most valuable asset.”

You can read the full interview with Andrew Day on PC Games Insider here.

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