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Localization Testing

Localization and functional testing are key phases for the release of any software or any digital media. We have developed an innovative and unique testing process that delivers top quality results whilst also generating significant cost savings.

Functional, linguistic, certification and internationalization testing are carried out simultaneously by highly trained native testers who are supported in logging bugs by our professional teams of linguists, engineers and certification consultants. Results:
  • More bugs found and fixed
  • Reduced testing time
  • Faster bug reporting and fixing
  • Better certification performances
  • Effective use of idle time
  • Improved feed for Linguistic QA
  • Improved communication
In other words, better quality, faster processing, lower costs.
Our 200 seats multi-language testing labs are equipped to perform testing on PC and all consoles, handheld devices and  platforms:
xbox one ps4
Windows 7 / XP / Vista
Nintendo Wii



Nintendo DS / DSi



Our all-in-one testing process reduces the time required for most testing phases by 50%. Compared to traditional approaches, we not only avoid duplication of non-productive gameplay, but also achieve higher productivity rates in all aspects of testing, from game play to bug logging, bug fixing and bug regression.

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Game Globalization
Keywords' deep knowledge of the certification, terminology, and platform compliance process has led major industry players to choose us as the backbone of their globalization and localization process.
Game Localization
From translation to creative adaptation, from audio transcreation to casting, art localization, age rating and cultural adaption support, we offer our customers a one-stop solution to their localization needs.
Functional Testing
Here at Keywords we are aware of the need for thorough QA on all titles. Poor QA could affect sales and perceived quality of titles. Our team is here to help find the most difficult of issues and improve the stability of your titles.
Quality Control
Available to our customers as well, our language QA department can cater to all your needs from complete outsource localization quality control to ad hoc services complementing your in house or 3rd party provider.