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PBT158Keywords is an international technical services provider to the global video games industry. Established in 1998, the Group has a consistent track record of profitability with accelerated year on year growth in revenue, EBITDA and profit after tax since 2009.

301215The Directors believe that Keywords is the only platform agnostic, multi-lingual, internationally integrated provider of global video games localisation, testing and audio services.  We help our clients to optimise the return on their investment in original games content by tailoring that content for multiple geographic markets and across multiple platforms.

15of25We have built a strong reputation for the quality of our end-to-end services and our delivery to client timelines, from secure facilities. This is demonstrated by the Group's excellent client retention and long-standing relationships with a broad, blue chip, international client base. The Group also continues to win new clients amongst both the major global and emerging games companies.


From our strong market position we are well positioned to grow our share of the high growth digital and packaged video games industry through developing both new and existing client relationships.  Our breadth of integrated services, our international scale, and our team of games-specialised translators and testers represent clear strengths in a market where competitors tend to use third parties to deliver elements of their localisation services for large global projects.



We have a strong balance sheet and low capital requirements, which has supported our ability to invest in the Group’s organic growth prospects. We, therefore, have a sound platform from which to grow:

  • Organically by extending our services into original games content development and operational support services; expanding geographically as clients require support in additional markets; and by executing full outsourcing of client localisation requirements
  • By selective acquisitions to (i) extend the client base; (ii) increase market penetration or service lines in the fragmented games services industry; or (iii) to enter adjacent entertainment markets



1Source: Gartner, November 2012

2 PwC Global Entertainment and Media Outlook, 2013-2017

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